Living an Ecofeminist Life

BY: Andrea Shinyoung Kim Image: Witch’s Love by Kämy Dobi Living an Ecofeminist Life is an immersive audio essay that draws from urban legends of Nature's wrath, Greek mythology, reproductive biology, and contemporary cyborg witchcraft to consider what it means to live an ecofeminist life. Works Cited Ahmed, S. (2019). Living a feminist life. Zubaan. Cadon, B.… Continue reading Living an Ecofeminist Life

The Crafting of Worlds: On Animation, Born of Many Places

BY: Max Yu fundamentals of the industry: Waldo’s Dream (Lunes Animation, Chile) & The Walt Disney Company as the West The visions of animation put forth by the West, particularly The Walt Disney Company, loom large over not only the flows of capital and prestige throughout the industry, but also in the aesthetics produced… Continue reading The Crafting of Worlds: On Animation, Born of Many Places

These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For

BY: Victor Reyes Espinoza In countries such as Venezuela where resources are scarce, modern phones are inaccessibly priced and older phones are more attainable. However, most popular apps require the use of a recent Android version to which these older models may not have been updated. Independent Android developers create custom ROMs that allow users… Continue reading These Are Not the Droids You’re Looking For